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RV Trip Planning

Traveling with an RV is the best way to see the country. You have the freedom to stay almost anywhere, from big cities bustling with sights and sounds to remote destinations where you’re the only people for miles around. Oftentimes, having an RV means you can stay in places where you would never find a house or a hotel for rent.

Oceanside RV Boondocking

However, putting together the perfect RV trip is a challenge to say the least. It’s not as simple as booking some flights and finding a hotel, there are quite a few other things to consider.

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You have to figure out how far you want to drive each day and decide on where to stay each night. Then there’s the chore of checking through campground reviews so you know it’s a nice place and that your RV will fit. And on top of all of that, you have to plan around seasonal closures and other concerns.

It’s a lot.

The Yay, Adventure! RV Trip Planning Experts have more than a decade of experience piecing that puzzle together and we’re here to do the same for you!

Imagine being able to just hop in your RV and drive to the Grand Canyon without all of the headache of planning how to get there, calling and booking campgrounds, or figuring out what to see and do once you arrive.

Let Yay, Adventure! turn your RV travel dream into a reality.


Grand Canyon National Park

How Does This Work?

Our specially developed RV Trip Planning process was created to give you the ultimate personalized stress-free experience. Our services start at just $75 per week of travel fill out the form below to get started on your full quote. We make the plans, you make the memories.

After filling out the contact form below, one of our RV Trip Planning Experts will reach out via email to schedule a good time to chat about your upcoming trip.


During our initial conversation we’ll collect all of the information we need to start planning your trip. This includes the size and type of your RV, your dates of travel, places you’d like to visit, etc.


Once we know more about you and where you’d like to go, our RV Trip Planning Expert will start crafting your fully customized trip itinerary. You can be involved in this step as much or as little as you’d like. 


A short time later we will send you a First Draft of your trip plan. We will confirm that all of the stops are correct and make any adjustments necessary to ensure your route is perfect. 

Our RV Trip Planning Expert will now determine which campgrounds need to be booked at each stop. We can handle all of the reservations for an additional fee or leave that up to you. 

At this point your trip is locked and ready to go. You will receive a fully detailed trip plan including reservation details, a travel schedule, maps, and recommended activities at each stop.

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